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The Ionia R Whipper Home launched BRIDGEs, (Building Resilient Individuals During Great Emotional Stress) a series of virtual socio-emotional learning workshops for children 8-11, who are experiencing stress due to the trauma of COVID-19. BRIDGEs is serving 10-15 students recruited from elementary schools in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area occurring January 11-March 19.  Students will participate in 3/1 hour workshops for 10 weeks.  Upon completion of the workshops, the participants will develop and present a project that express how they can use journaling, art and music to manage stressful situations. Our team of experts is committed to helping these students build resilience as they navigate the obstacles presented by COVID-19.  It is not possible to avoid stress but being resilient is one of the best ways to cope with it.  Ionia R Whipper Home is proud to be on the for front of providers addressing the social-emotional learning needs of children in our community.

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